Polynesian Tattoos: 42 Modern Tribal Designs to Colour and Explore

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Roberto Gemori
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The beauty and depth of Polynesian art is particularly notable in the tradition of Polynesian tattooing, which has existed more than two thousand years. While tattoos can indicate one's status in society and one's genealogy, Polynesian tattooing is also infused with rich symbolism and spiritual meaning. Each person's tattoo is uniquely created for that person, and the symbols in the tattoo express personal qualities and tell one's life story.

Roberto Gemori has been designing tattoos for more than a decade. He has studied Polynesian art and symbolism for twenty years, and through Polynesian designs he creates beautiful, rich, and meaningful tattoos. According to Gemori, each person has a unique story to tell regarding their personal struggles, adversities, and triumphs. In his approach to tattoo art, Gemori takes the meaningful moments of a person's life story and weaves them into a creative design, such that the tattoo itself becomes a form of personal empowerment, representing challenges overcome and qualities a person is working to cultivate in their life.

This book presents tattoo designs inspired by Polynesian art that readers can color and contemplate for empowerment and transformation. It opens with a short introduction on Polynesian art and symbolism. The book then features 40 designs for coloring, each accompanied by a description of the symbolism of each design.