One Single Thing

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Tina Clough
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Journalist Hope Barber disappears two weeks after returning to New Zealand from a long assignment in Pakistan, where she visited shelters for so called 'dishonour' women, who had escaped death at the hands of their families. She had concentrated to the north-western corner of Pakistan where the Teleban has adherants on both sides of the border. Hope's apartment door is found unlocked and her bag and phone are still inside.

The police are tight-lipped about their reluctance to act, and Hunter Grant and Dao agree to help Hope's brother Noah find her. Details about Hope's time in Pakistan gradually emerge but only raise more questions. Was Hope under surveillance? Was she linked to terrorists? And who is the man Hope called `my stalker'? And who was the man with the wheelie-bin?

Hunter, who in The Chinese Proverb used his front-line Army experience to save Dao, finds himself in unknown territory. When a key person from Dao's past life in captivity turns up, things reach crisis point and Hunter once again takes matters of justice and retribution into his own hands.