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Grow Younger With Great Food

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Dr. Catherine Stone and Jessica Giljam-Brown
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Grow Younger With Great Food is chock-full of delicious recipes for easy, healthy, nourishing food, as well as advice on how to use food as medicine to grow yourself younger!

While they admit they don’t have the elixir of life or a secret map to the fountain of youth (they wish they did!), what they do have is practical tips, advice, and knowledge of how to grow yourself younger. This is not your average recipe book. Dr Catherine Stone and Jessica talk hormones, libido, ageing, nutrition, sex hormones, bone health, digestion, sleep, stress, movement and how to adjust your eating for optimum health depending on what decade you’re in.

This book is unlike any other, it brings together knowledge from both a doctor and nutritionist and explains the science of ageing, how to slow the process and prevent lifestyle diseases. With over 90 delicious recipes to accompany the advice provided by Dr Catherine Stone and Jessica, with dare we say it, some of the best food photography we’ve seen in all our years.