Gottfried Lindauer 1839-1926: Life of the Artist & His Works

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Joan and Kevin McIntyre
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After 18 years of research and travels in New Zealand, Australia and the Czech Republic, Joan and Kevin have decided that it was time to compile this history of one of the foremost art recorders of New Zealander's through his portraiture. He is well known for his Maori portraits, but his unseen works of art, over half of them are of European settlers and these are mainly still in private collections hidden away from public view and therefore unknown at large.

Hard bound, A4, 260 pages, 180 in colour,127 portraits mostly unseen European NZ settlers. Tells of his early life and art training in Bohemia, the Czech Republic and his work before coming to New Zealand. Lindauer's arrival and 15 years of travels and commissions within New Zealand and the 36 years he lived in Woodville until his death in 1926.
Also accounts of his family tours back to Europe with photos, post cards and letters all giving an insight to the life of this great NZ artist. Supporting this life story are newspaper articles of his advertising, travels, portraits and people, and a section on Woodville's tribute to him. A section of this publication lists a timeline of his life, family, travels and nearly 400 portraits painted.