Bella's Fringe

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Marie Munro

"Bella's Fringe", takes the simple theme of a haircut to tell the humorous story of young Bella, who is a bit of a rebel, especially when it comes to haircuts.

Over the years, her hair grows and grows, and Bella finds many practical and comic uses for it - as a rug for her knees, a shade from the sun, a hammock for her brother or a swing for her cat. Her brothers are fed up with her hair falling all over their food, but Bella's not fazed until she becomes tangled in it. Then she takes drastic measures to resolve the problem.


*colourful illustrations with content that adds lots of fun to the text
*flowing, easy-to-read, rhyming text
*humorous story that fills a gap for children who don't fit a traditional gender stereotype
*child-initiated resolution
*day-to-day New Zealand content
*will appeal to children who are innovative, imaginative, sporty, or who challenge traditional stereotypes
*will appeal to parents, grandparents and teachers of children from 2-8yrs of age
*introduction to te reo Maori through search activities
*counting to 20 in English and te reo, utilising sets (grouping) as a mathematical concept
*clocks for learning to tell the time
*te reo Maori/English glossary.