A Model for Successful Maori Learners in Workplace Settings

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Ako Aotearoa
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Maori make up over 16 per cent of the total learners engaged in industry training in New Zealand. This equates to over 32,000 Maori trainees. The credit achievement rate for Maori was 56 per cent in 2010, compared to 69 per cent for the total number of trainees. The programme completion rate for Maori was 46 per cent for the same year compared with 59 per cent for trainees overall (TEC, 2011). Increasing Maori engagement, participation and educational achievement is a key priority for the government and Aotearoa New Zealand. Although there is a significant body of research on Maori learners in institutional settings (e.g. Tahau-Hodges, 2010; Greenwood & Te Aika, 2008), there is far less literature focused on the experience of M_ori learners within workplace settings - especially in industry training. This project sought to address this knowledge gap. This summary provides an overview of the key research findings and presents a model to support successful Maori workplace learners.