A Hidden Economy

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Maria Bargh
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The Māori economy is often defined simply by the contributions of Māori in New Zealand in the areas of farming, fisheries and forestry.

This book explores the ways that Māori in the privatised military industry contribute in monetary and non-monetary ways to the Māori economy. Workers in the privatised military industry very rarely, if ever, give interviews about their work or details about their pay. However, this book includes five interviews with Māori who have worked or are still working in the privatised military industry and explores how they articulate themselves as Māori in the industry, giving a glimpse at this secret world and how Māori operate in it.

Maria Bargh has a doctorate in political science and international relations from the Australian National University and is a senior lecturer in Māori studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She undertakes research and teaches in the areas of Māori politics and economics, and Māori indigenous resource management. She has been a political commentator for several New Zealand general elections