A Bronze Affair

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Ken Kendall with Helen Wilkins
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Ken Kendall’s deep desire to live by his art took him around the world — through thick and very often thin. For forty years his response to what he saw took form, initially
in ceramic and terracotta then flourishing in bronze, with many sculptures cast by the artist himself. From life-size works to cotton-reel people, Ken’s humour and fundamental
understanding of the human condition transformed his materials, and eventually – after years struggling to make a living as a sculptor – brought him artistic recognition and an international following.

Told in his own words, A Bronze Affair is the story of how Kendall went from school teacher to Franciscan monk and master sculptor. It takes us into a creative mind, shows how religion sustained the man, and where the artist found inspiration.

"I like paintings, but you can't get round the back of them... I like to get round the back, then I can see the whole form, the stance, the attitude." - Ken Kendall